The Excellence of the Italian Mattress in the World is by Permaflex

The Permaflex brand with the famous little man in striped pyjamas named Brando, represents the most famous image linked both to the well-being and to the pleasure of sleeping. It was born in 1953, but shortly became the undisputed icon of the company and the product, as well as becoming a protagonist in several television commercials since the early days of “Carousel”. The Permaflex brand loves the world of communication in all its facets, and it is present with artists and celebrities that indelibly mark its history. All the essential values such as quality, safety, elegance, technology, tradition and experience, but above all good taste and attention to detail always start from a great vocation and passion for the manufacture and the all Italian know-how.

Permaflex, the famous mattress

When you think about Permaflex in our mind resound words such as quality in the realization of mattresses, identification among the consumers as the best product available on the market, and above all a Made in Italy brand which determines its undisputed success. The great history of the brand constitutes its true essence, the innovative materials created exclusively such as the Memory Clima and the fine and sophisticated fabrics on the outside, with an elegant and original design, outline the perfect union between aesthetics and performance.